About PHAD

My Name is Kenneth Yrke Jørgensen in gaming aka PHAD. You can read more about me on my personal homepage www.yrke.dk

I primarily play and watch Dota2 . I started playing Dota 2 right before the 2013 Interational. Before getting into Dota 2, i used to play Dota 1 back in the days but stoped playing about 4 years ago due to studies taking up most of my time. I also used to enjoy playing counter-strike, although i was never any good. I'm currently rated about ~2700 solo mmr and ~3200 in Dota 2 ranked match making.

For casual play i'm a big fan of strategy games like Age of Empires (I og II), Theme Hospital and The Settlers.

About my nick

My nick PHAD (pronounced /fat/) is an abbreviation of name Peter Hansen den Anden af Danmark (danish). I been playing under this nick the last 15+ years. The nick came to existence after a LAN where I displayed my awful Counter-Strike skills. When all the other players found out just how bad i was, they started joining the opposite team just to get a easy frag on me. Due to this I had to continuously change my nick, not to be recognized, and somehow it ended up as Peter Hansen den Anden af Danmark. After the LAN I just shorted it to PHAD and have been using that ever since.